Pre-employment & Ready to Work Assessments

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Risk Management
  • Rehabilitation Services

Placing the right person in the right job gives an employer the best chance of eliminating workplace injury.

An MPOT Pre-employment or Ready to Work Assessment matches a candidate’s functional capacity directly to the physical demands of the job.

This ensures the most suitable match is made between person and task, giving an employer the best chance to reduce the risk of injury and meet their duty of care.


Each MPOT Pre-employment & Return to Work Assessments is carefully designed against the unique requirements of the specific job.

This means that a nurse will have a different assessment to a factory worker and a vineyard worker will have a different assessment to a forklift driver.

This provides the most relevant information to make an informed recommendation about suitability for the position, giving the employer the best opportunity to keep the worker safe at work.


Pre-employment & Ready to Work Assessments are functionally based assessments that focus on strength, endurance, speed and flexibility.

A pre-employment & ready to work assessment involves the following:

  • Informed consent
  • Medical history
  • Assessment of blood pressure
  • A selection of relevant evidenced based tests that assess general fitness, posture, repetitive movement, fine motor dexterity, grip strength and lifting capacity.

All assessments are completed respectfully and in line with privacy, workplace relations and anti-discrimination legislation.

Pre-employment and Return to Work Assessments are rigorous. Appropriate clothing and closed in flat shoes should be worn.


At the completion of the assessment a written report is provided to the nominated employer contact. This report outlines the candidate’s suitability for the position as matched to the job. In addition to the report, a graduated return to work schedule can be provided for Ready to Work Assessments.

Reports are provided promptly to the nominated contact. A Pre-employment Report is provided within 24 hours and a Ready to Work Report is provided within 48 hours.


A Pre-employment Assessment is completed prior to a candidate commencing employment. It forms part of the overall recruitment process and enables an employer to make an informed recruitment decision

A Ready to Work Assessment is completed for an existing employee. A worker may be referred for a Ready to Work Assessment following personal illness or injury to ensure that upon their return to work they are able to perform the required duties safely and the employer can continue to meet their duty of care. Alternatively it can be used as part of a worksite health and wellbeing programme.


MPOT is also able to offer pre-employment audiometry and drug & alcohol screening 

Pre-employment audiometry testing can limit an employer’s liability and associated costs resulting from noise induced hearing loss.

Drug & Alcohol Screening is performed by our trained health professionals using multi-drug panel urine testing equipment specifically designed to Australian Standards.

These assessments can be arranged concurrently with a Pre-employment Assessment at MPOT